Billy Joel
Billy Joel

Billy Joel Facts You Would Not Have Known About

The legendary Billy Joel has had an outstanding career. His tunes are still getting people to jive, and his biggest hits are still being played and enjoyed by the audience. Here are some facts about Billy Joel that everyone must know.

Appetite for boxing

He developed his knack for boxing after the bullies harassed him on his way to the music class. He has even won some amateur fights. Later, he gave up his gloves as he got his nose broken in one of these scuffles. He also had a sense of humor and knew how to laugh at himself. He was a true heartthrob of his times.

Dedicated a song to the mother

The song “Laura” is about his mother, who frustrated him by calling him, even at midnight, to rant about her day. It has been admitted by his longtime drummer friend Liberty DeVitto.

Billy Joel

Changing genres

He changed genres post his debut to find what makes him tick. From rock n roll, then transformed to heavy metal was a drastic change. The journey to being the “Piano Man” is fascinating. But the road was not always smooth. His debut album was a flop, and he blamed the productions for not involving him in the mixing process.

Holocaust connection

Billy Joel’s father left Germany during the Holocaust. Later, he was found in the Bronx, and he was now Helmuth when we met Billy’s mom. The song “Vienna” is about that. He reunited with his father in his twenties.

Paranormal believer

Paranormal believer

Billy Joel has not shied away from telling the story of how he once witnessed a spirit of the nineteenth-century woman brushing her hair while sitting in his East Hampton mansion. The house was later sold to Jerry Seinfeld. Billy could not complete his education along with his classmates as he had to play at the local bar. Eventually, he made up for the pending essays and graduated twenty-five years later. He is also the winner of the prestigious Grammy Award and garnered massive success consecutively in the 70s and 80s. He never ignored his idols and his roots. He named his daughter after the piano sensation Ray Charles to pay homage to his legacy.


He is the best-selling artist in the US, with over 81 million copies sold worldwide. He worked his way up and was not frayed by the challenges that life threw at him. He is a true music inspiration.

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