Charismatic Singer With Passion In Her Voice
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Charismatic Singer With Passion In Her Voice

About La Ventura

La Ventura means: ” luck ” (espanol), it’s what we need to make it in this world!

Founded by ex-Orphanage drummer, (Holland’s first Gothic Groove Metal band) Erwin Polderman and vocalist Carla Douw, the band will release their debut album “A New Beginning” on the 18th of March 2008!

A charismatic singer with passion in her voice, melancholic and mystical, atmospheric synths and piano, heavy guitar riffs and a groovy rhythm section are the main features of La-Ventura.
“A New Beginning” has 10 tracks on offer which are fresh, catchy and with a twist. The whole
production is done by the band itself with help of friendly professionals who knew what the band
is about.

La Ventura is:
Carla Douw Lead vocals
Erwin Polderman Drums
Saz Kondic Guitar
Michael Saffrie Bass

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