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Everything About The Country Legend Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks’s success is like no other. He has the sale of over 134 million albums to his credit and is one of the most active country music artists in concerts. His songs have spent the most weeks at the number one spot of many charts. Just listening to his songs is enough to pep a person up to wear their cowboy hat. Here are some facts about Garth.

Garth’s origin

His real name is Troyal. At the same time, Brooks is his middle name. He has been named after his father. He was inducted into Grand Ole Opry post his debut album’s release in less than two years. In his beginning year, he became the proud owner of six Academy of Country Music Awards.

Biggest country hit

His work of “More than a Memory” is still a smashing record in the country genre. It was his first song to debut on the Billboard Hot at No. 1. In fact, astronaut Colonel Bill McArthur carried Garth’s album to space on his visit to the Russian Mir Space station. Brook’s first job was the salesman of boots, and in-between, whenever he found a break, he would write his songs. His list of fans is so long that one time his meet and greet lasted for close to twenty-three hours, without a break.

Biggest country hit

The love story of the movies

Brooks met his wife at the club he was working as a bouncer. He witnessed a brawl between two ladies, and one of them was his now-wife, Mahl. He broke the fight and starting seeing this woman and went on to father three daughters with her.

Powerful songs

His song “We Shall Be Free” was inspired by the riots in LA in 1992. It still holds its power, and there is a lot of emotion behind the creation of the song. He even won the video of the year award for this song.

Academic dreams

Brooks was an athlete in school and even won himself a scholarship to Oklahoma State University. He joined the college and went on to graduate in advertising in the year 1984. His javelin skills fetched him the seat. There is even a street in Oklahoma, after his name, to celebrate his music. He has named his eldest daughter Taylor in the memory of the folk artist James Taylor.


He is one of the few artists who has a diamond status to his credit. He has over ten million albums in sales, and most of his albums have achieved diamond status. He is the most top-selling artist ever in the last twenty years. The second place is held by The Beatles.

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