More Gigs Confirmed For 2016
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More Gigs Confirmed For 2016

GREAT REVIEWS IN FROM EP 2.0!!! We received some great reviews and great comments about the new EP 2.0. Check them on our Facebook page!
NEW GIGS CONFIRMED FOR 2016!!! Check it out!
NEW GIGS CONFIRMED SOON FOR 2016!!! Indeed we will do a lot more shows in 2016 to promote our EP! Check out the tour agenda page and our Facebook pages to be updated. See ya all soon!
GREAT TIMES ON THE ROAD!!! We had a blast last week with the gigs we did with our friends of Sleeping Romance! Let’s hope we can do this for a third time in less than a year ;)!
RELEASEPARTY SUCCES!!! The releaseparty for our new EP was a great expierence with loyal fans and new ones who checked us out on a wet Saterday evening, thanks for all who came and to Beyond God who opened the evening!
PRE ORDER!!! From this moment you can pre-order a copy from our upcoming mini-album. Your wish is our command; many people made clear a physical copy is what they want! Check it out in our shop!
RELEASE DATE!!! The release is planned for November 7th for our mini-album. All (pre-)orders will be send out from that date and onwards. This mini-album will contain 4 new songs, where in the nearby future more stuff will be made available to complement it all.
SOLD OUT!!! When checking the inventory, we discovered our stash of “A New Beginnings” is gone… We are looking into options to do another run, but please be advised that a physical copy can not be ordered through our shop.
RECORDING UPDATE! Well, we are almost done with the recordings. After that, mixing and mastering – artwork and last but not least: making the end product! We are thinking about different ways of this end product. What would you prefer? Only a digital item or a digipack issue or…?
SHOP ADJUSTMENTS! Risen costs due to postage etc has forced us to increase the prices for certain items in the shop. Don’t worry, just one or two Euro here and there :)!
VACATION TIME = RECORDING TIME! Wow, where goes the time… it is already August! La-Ventura has taken a Summer break, to work on the mini-album.Check our Facebook pages for the status!
WE HAD A BLAST!!! Last three gigs went by way to quickly! Thanks to so many people to make it such a fantastic ride. Check our FACEBOOK for impressions!
TOMORROW GIG TIME!! Catch us and Sleeping Romance live Thursday at STUDIOGONZ GIG!!! BE THERE!!!
MORE GIGS CONFIRMED SOON!!! La-Ventura will play a few more shows before our Summer break. Catch us when you can!!!
LA-VENTURA GOES TO GERMANY AGAIN- YES!!! La-Ventura will play along with bands like Lion Twin and Lyriel to do an all girls night female fronted metal festival in Wuppertal!! Check the official video announcement here FEMALE FRONTED NIGHT II!!!
UPDATE 3 MARCH 2015!!! We are working together with many artists to create more artwork for our future plans… check our Facebook pages for more details!
UPDATE 2 MARCH 2015!!! We will play at least one new track upcoming gigs. Hope you’ll like it!
NO NEW PHOTOS ADDED? Yes, this is correct. With the new Google Chrome in play, it messed up the PHOTO page. With the old browser, it works, with Chrome not… We will try to fix it asap. Till then, alle photos can be viewed at FACEBOOK.
THE NEW YEAR – WHAT’S UP WITH LA-VENTURA?!?! The new year is now in full swing. La-Ventura will focus on writing new songs. We hope to release a new mini-album after the Summer, promoting it live and letting you all know: La-Ventura can still deliver the goodies! STAY TUNED!!
THE FESTIVE SEASON IS COMING!!! We wish all who supported us this last year a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! May all the musical wishes come true for you all! We meet again in 2015!
LA-VENTURA GOES ACOUSTIC?!?! Yesterday we were invited to do a tv interview at Omroep Zeeland. After that we did a live performance on the radio where we played the acoustic version of TIME AND TIME AGAIN!!!
TODAY TV SHOOT AND RADIO!! Today we will do a tv shoot for the ZEEUWSE TOP 40 and straight after a live interview and performance on the radio!!!
NEW VIDEOCLIP OUT NOW!! Today we released our new video for SONG FOR AN IDIOT!!! Thanks to Tigergoat Productions TIGERGOAT PRODUCTIONS, you guys are AWESOME!

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